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Nobel Peace Prize Winner Vs. The National Academy Of Sciences

The courts have ruled that it is malicious to hold a different opinion than self-proclaimed Nobel Peace Prize Winner Michael Mann, so it is too bad he can’t go back in time and retroactively sue the National Academy Of Sciences in 1975.

Mikey says that there was no Northern Hemisphere cooling from 1940 to 1970.

ScreenHunter_177 Jul. 25 07.59

The retroactively malicious National Academy of Sciences reported the opposite in 1975, that there was almost 0.5C cooling during that time.


The graph below shows the malicious National Academy of Sciences graph (pink) overlaid on the Nobel Peace Prize winning Mikey graph at the same scale. Looks like somebody hid the post 1940 decline.

ScreenHunter_183 Jul. 25 09.30

Briffa’s malicious trees closely matched the National Academy of Sciences graph, but Mikey in his infinite wisdom saw fit to hide the decline not use any inconvenient data which wrecked his hypothesis.

ScreenHunter_184 Jul. 25 09.33

The Deleted Portion of the Briffa Reconstruction « Climate Audit

disclaimer : The courts have ruled that it is illegal to hold a different opinion from Michael Mann, who has been vindicated of any wrong doing through several thorough reviews performed by his accomplices peers.

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